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The date for
Training and Growing Fruit in Small Spaces
has been changed to
Thursday 16th August 2018

Design Your Own Garden, 3-term Course 2018/19

This beginners’ course takes place on Tuesday mornings from 25th September from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm.  It is always exciting when first entering the wonderful world of design.  Students can look forward to a stimulating year, learning how to draw to scale and plan each other’s gardens and borders.  Being in small and informal classes, they receive plenty of personal attention.  The course provides an unrivalled opportunity to develop an interest in garden design or to acquire new horticultural skills, together with like-minded garden lovers in a relaxed and informal environment.

First Year Students' Border Design at Highfield
Garden Centre, June 2016

Border Design

Garden Design and Management, 3-term Course

On this Wednesday morning course for Second Years, or those with some experience, starting 26cth September, students create scale designs for gardens in Slimbridge or in the area where they live.  In addition, they will carry out practicals throughout the year both in my garden and in their own.  This is a rare chance to gain a well rounded knowledge of both how to design a garden and, all importantly, how to maintain it to a professional standard.

In the past year, students have excelled themselves in designing, building and planting their own gardens.

I continue to take great pleasure in observing the dedication and creativity of my students, their infectious enthusiasm and all the shared laughter. 

secret garden

Secret Garden

Don't forget:  Gift Vouchers are always a welcome present. Please e-mail me for details.

 Happy gardening!

Consultation Visits

If you, or a group of friends, would like a course on a particular subject near to where you live, I would be happy to organise this for you.


Yet again another fantastic term - lots of laughs and lots of fun and of course very educational.  Thursday class

Your enthusiasm has made the course so enjoyable, and you are very motivating.  I will really miss our Thursdays but I am taking away so much!  Thank you for all your hard work.  Emma